Saturday, 28 July 2012

What's in my makeup bag?

Hello everyone!

This post will contain of what I have in my everyday makeup bag and what I think of some of the products that I use.

The makeup bag I am currently using cost £3 and is from primark. I love it as it is such a cute makeup bag but also fits so much stuff in it! I am going to divide my makeup into three sections: face, eyes and lips.

The picture above shows the different products that I am currently using for my face. These products are:

- Pressed power (unsure of what brand, I've had it for a while)
- Clinique moisturiser
- Rimmel lasting finish foundation: shade ivory
- Natural collection cover up cream
- MUA pressed powder
- Two brushes from the body shop
- Rimmel Blusher
- Avon cover up stick
- Face sponge

My favourite products out of all of this are the foundation, moisturiser and the blusher. I've been using this foundation for a while now and absolutely love it, I feel like it stays on my face for the whole day and gives me complete coverage. The moisturiser is actually a sample from clinique as my auntie always sends me them and I think they are amazing! I will never put on makeup without using the moisturiser first as it makes my face extremely soft! The blusher adds a little bit more to the everyday look and is the only blusher that I have ever used and I love it!

The eye makeup that I use is:

- Eyelash curlers (not branded)
- Clinique eye shadow (brown and pale pink)
- Two different eye liners (not branded & one is a spare)
- Beauty rush chubby eye stick (haven't actually used this)
- Rimmel waterproof mascara
- Collection 2000 eye liner felt tip
- Maybelline Great lash mascara
- Miss sporty waterproof mascara
- Rimmel waterproof volume mascara
- Avon super enchant mascara

My favourite eye products are my eye liners and my Avon mascara, I need to get a new one but I wear eye liner everyday and is the one piece of makeup that I always have to use! I got the Avon mascara free when I bought some other products off the Avon website and I absolutely love the mascara! The mascara makes my eye lashes look extremely long but also makes them have a nice curl (unfortunately I don't think Avon sell it as a product) :(

I'm not really a person for lip products so don't actually keep that many in my makeup bag. The ones I do keep in there are:

- Revlon lip butters x3 'cotton candy', 'cupcake' and 'sugar frosting'
- MUA lip balm in 'sugar lips' and 'great lips'

I love all of these products and I did a review on the Revlon lip butters here.

What makeup products do you keep in your makeup bag?

Thanks for reading :)



  1. love Revlon Lip Butters - they are so great for everyday! i always, always keep a powder in my makeup bag because i have oily skin and can't live without it :(
    Nadia xo

    1. they definitely are! and I don't have oily skin in particular but absolutely love the look of powder! :)