Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Review: Olay face products

Hello everyone!

So for today's post I thought I would review some Olay face products that I purchased during my superdrug haul.

The products I am going to be reviewing by Olay are conditioning milkrefreshing toner and eye makeup remover. I bought them for only £1.50 each and they are currently on the same deal (half price).

Eye makeup remover:

The first thing I do when cleansing my face is take off the makeup that I'm wearing. I had never tried any Olay products before so was a bit sceptical about buying this but as it was so cheap I thought it was worth trying. As I wear waterproof mascara I was a bit unsure as to whether this would work or not but as soon as I used it I knew this was my new 'must have' product! The smell isn't too overpowering but I think it is a lovely refreshing smell and you only need to use a small bit of the product to get all of your eye makeup off! It is extremely sensitive and leaves your eyes feeling lovely and refreshed. I will definitely be buying this product again!

Conditioning milk:

After taking my makeup off I then use the conditioning milk. The conditioning milk like the eye makeup remover has an amazing smell but it is definitely more obvious in the conditioning milk. However, it still isn't overpowering. I love the conditioning milk as it is quite runny but not too much and automatically leaves your face feeling refreshed. 

Refreshing toner:

After the conditioning milk, I use the refreshing toner and this is liquid so it is a very runny product. However,  it is still as amazing as the other products and I love using all of them. I will definitely repurchase this one again as well.

Overall, all of the products are amazing and for the price I think everyone should try them! I will definitely be repurchasing all of these products once they are ran out and as I use them both morning and evening I think this will be fairly soon. 

Have you tried any of these?

Have a great day! :)


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