Monday, 22 April 2013

NOTD: spring dots

Hey guys,

Today's post is a NOTD that in my opinion, is perfect for spring time. I've tried to do dots many time but they've never looked great but this time I was rather impressed if I do say so myself. The colours used are 'smarty pants' by George (can be bought from ASDA) and all nude by MUA which can be bought here. To actually create the dots I used a dotting tool which I bought from ebay ages ago for around £1.50.

What are you favourite nail designs for spring?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

New year, new me.

Hello guys,

I know that we're in April now (it's my birthday this Sunday, yay!) and most people try to lose weight at the beginning of the year but it's better late than never right?

For years now I have wanted to lose weight but to be honest, my will power is almost none existent as is my motivation and I just love food so I've always struggled sticking to any sort of diet. However, someone told me about the 'MyFitnessPal' app for iPhone which is basically an app which allows you to log your food intake, your exercise and helps you to work towards a goal that you set. Since nothing else has worked for me I thought I'd give this a go and it has definitely worked!

Since using this app I have realised that my biggest problem was just overeating, whether this was portion sizes that are too big or just eating when I'm not actually hungry whereas now I eat better sizes and a reasonable amount of food.

Along with losing weight I have also decided that I also want to be healthier so have joined a gym and started going running but have also bought some little weights, a yoga mat and a yoga ball to do in my house. As for motivation, I've found that exercising at the gym or going running with a friend really helps me to push on and get a good workout done. Music is also my friend when working out as it keeps me upbeat and in the mood.

Food wise, I have been eating healthier but I've still been eating everything I enjoy just in moderation, this means that I've still had takeaways and chocolate but just not as often as I used to. One of my favourite healthier things to eat are lettuce wraps. I use a lettuce leaf, fill it with tuna, a bit of chopped up onion and some cheese and then wrap the lettuce leaf up. They are extremely delicious and an alternative opinion to having a tortilla wrap for lunch.

When I'm not going to the gym or going running then I do exercise at home either on an exercise bike or using my weights/yoga ball. I often follow workouts posted on the ToneItUp youtube channel that you can find here.

Below are some of the pictures that I have posted on my instagram in relation to me going running/working out and a picture of the lettuce wraps that I mentioned above. You can find my instagram here and I would love for you to follow me :).
Since starting this journey in January I have lost 15 pounds and I'm extremely proud of myself for finally having the motivation to stick to something!

I hope that this post has either giving you some motivation or that you have at least found it interesting!

Thanks for reading.