Sunday, 29 July 2012

Goodbye England...

Today I am going to sunny Menorca for two weeks! woooo! I just thought I'd let all my followers know that I have scheduled a couple of posts for when I am away so that you have something new to read on my blog whilst I am away. It also gave me an excuse to post a picture of my younger sister wearing the snorkelling sets we have bought to use when we are away haha! (her forehead looks really wrinkly but I ensure you that it is the mask doing this!)

Anyway I hope you all have a brilliant two weeks as I know I will and I'll post about my holiday when I come back!

Have a great day! :)



  1. I'm going to Italy on Saturday, I need to get packing! Have a lovely time :)


    1. Thanks! I had an AMAZING time, I hope you had a great time in Italy (think you're back now)