Saturday, 15 September 2012

Winter boots

So a couple of days ago I bought a new pair of boots for winter. This year I wanted a black pair of boots that are different to the boots that I generally wear any other year and I'm pleased to say I found the perfect pair (for me anyway!).

I admit, in these photo's the boots look horrible but once they are on I love the look of them! They sit about mid calf and have sort of a crinkle affect which I love, they are completely black even though they look a bit shiny in this photo.

I bought them for only £9.90 brand new from a shop on Ebay which you can find here (they've gone up to £10.52 now). However, when they arrived there was a slight bit of glue on the inside of the boot but I contacted the seller who refunded me 50% meaning I only paid around £5 for them! They are definitely worth the money and I love them, I cannot wait to start wearing them!

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