Sunday, 2 September 2012

Day out in Camden

So on Saturday my family and I decided to go to Camden in London for the day because even though I was born in London and lived there till I was seven we had never really been. My dad went to Camden market a couple of weeks ago and told us how brilliant it was so we decided to go for a family day out which is quite rare in my family as everyone has different schedules!

Sadly I only got to take one photo the whole day: this picture was taken from just outside the markets in Camden.

Let me start off by saying that Camden market is possibly the weirdest place I have EVER been in my life. It's absolutely huge but amazing. Most of the stalls are completely different from one another and there are loads of really cute vintage shops/stalls. There are so many good bargains but you definitely have to spend ages there! Outside the market there is a road full of shops also selling amazing things. I have literally never been so overwhelmed in my life, such a weird place!

I bought a new hoodie (comfy wear for winter) for £10, it's navy blue and says 'Oxford university' - I don't really know why I bought it but I loved it and it's so comfortable, definitely worth the money! I also bought a jumper for £10. The quality of the wool is amazing and it's so thick and comfortable (once again for winter). One thing I will say: some of the stalls sell the same product for different prices, the jumper was £20 but I found a stall selling it for £10 so I saved myself paying an extra £10! I also bought two t-shirts which were on offer for two for £10 just for lounging around. My favourite purchase is a gold Casio watch! If you read my holiday buys post then you will know that I bought a black Casio watch until I got a gold one. I bought a gold one for only £8 and I'm completely in love with it! The picture below is what I bought.

I had an amazing day out with my family and will definitely be visiting Camden again! If you live near the area and haven't been I would definitely recommend it as I'm pretty sure there is nothing else like it!

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  1. Loving the tshirts, I went there recently and got a Jack Daniels one! xxx

    1. Thanks! oh that's cool, I did see that one!