Tuesday, 4 September 2012

MUA haul!


Recently I put in an order with MUA online, simply because I wanted the 'undressed' palette and it was on offer for £3! I ended up ordering more than I wanted (oops) but I got free stuff as well so it wasn't that bad.

The pictures below are of the products that I ordered. 

I bought:

- blusher shade 1 & shade 2
- lipstick shade 5
- nail varnish shade 16 & frozen yoghurt
- intense colour eyeliner pencil in jet black
- going for gold palette (Olympics limited edition)
- undressed palette

I got for free:

- eye dust shade 6
- extreme volume mascara shade 2 in black/brown
- false lashes: siren

Overall I'm extremely happy with what  I bought and separate reviews of the products will follow! I've tested out the palettes and I love them! I don't generally wear eye shadow but used 'undressed' the other day and got lots of compliments so will be using it frequently now! 

Thanks for reading

Have you tried any of these products?



  1. aah you'll love the undressed palette! You got some lovely things, it must've been so exciting when that order arrived haha. I really want to try their lipsticks. Also, I just tagged you in an award :) xx

    1. I do love it! I've been trying it out and think it's great! It was so exciting but felt like it took foreverrrrr! haha and you should try them, they are great for £1! Thanks, i'll check it out :)


  2. I really like the look of those blushers! I might have to give them a swatch when I'm next in Superdrug! Great post - love hauls like this :)



  3. Lovely blog!
    I'm now following you, and it would be really kind of you if you wanted to follow me back! :) x


  4. I did a mua haul recently too! its so affordable, looks nice plus my local superdrug were giving a free 'immaculte' palette with an £8 spend! Will post what I got when I can^^

    1. I know, it's so cheap! that's a really good deal!