Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Essie and Revlon nail polish haul


So today's post is just a quick haul which I bought from fragrance direct. Every blogger has probably heard of fragrance direct due to them selling Essie nail polishes for £1.99! Am I right? Originally I decided I wouldn't order any but as a couple of days past I was sucked in by the amazing prices and just HAD to order a couple.

Fragrance direct is a website that sells beauty items for much cheaper than their original retail price so I would definitely recommend looking at their website if like me, you can't resist a good bargain!

Top row: no shrinking violet, peach nectar, touch of mauve, cloud and ruby ribbon
Bottom row: case study and very structured 


I had never tried any Revlon nail polishes prior to this order and let me tell you, I am extremely impressed! I painted my nails using two coats of 'ruby ribbon' last Monday and I wore them a whole week before changing the colour without them chipping! AMAZING! 

The Revlon nail polishes were only 99p each and the Essie nail polishes were £1.99.

Have you bought anything of fragrance direct?

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  1. touch of mauve is such a pretty colour :)x

  2. Lovely colours for the season! I haven't. I've gotta be the only one who hasn't hauled the essie polishes. Haha.

    Lizzums x

    1. Thanks! and I think you may be right aha I gave in a bought some unfortunately :( aha