Friday, 28 September 2012

Bourjois magic nail polish remover dupe for £1?

I'm sure most of you would have heard of the bourjois magic nail polish remover but like many, I didn't want to pay £4.99 for a nail polish remover! Whilst in poundland the other day I spotted this which looks pretty similar to the bourjois magic nail polish remover but obviously is only £1 so I thought I would give it a try.

The pot states you should put your finger into the sponge, twist your nail against the side of the sponge and then remove. The picture below is after I followed these rules... 

As you can see from the pictures, it actually works very well! For a £1 item, it is so quick and easy to use and actually works very well, a lot better than I thought it would have to be honest. 

Unfortunately I have also found two negatives with this product. If you look at the picture above you are able to see that there is still some nail polish left on the nail. This happens on every nail and is extremely difficult to remove using this pot so this is a bit of a pain. The other issue I have found that it does have an extremely strong smell of nail polish remover (more so than any other nail polish remover I have ever used). 

However, saying that, I am extremely impressed with this and the fact that it is only £1 definitely makes me recommend this product!

Have you tried this bourjois magic nail polish remover dupe?

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  1. I spotted that and thought about but decided not to. When I finish my bourjois, I'll wash out the sponge, put it back in the pot and put some more polish removed in it. *shrug*

    Lizzums x

    1. That's actually a really clever idea, I might try that myself!