Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Superdrug Haul


So last week I went on a major shopping spree (online - I'm slightly addicted). I bought rather a lot of stuff from Superdrug which I am going to show you in this post! I originally just wanted to order some make up but ended up buying loads of extra things as I am going on holiday at the end of the month and everything was basically on sale!

Top left to bottom right: 1. Superdrug dry shampoo, spirit of the carnival, away with the fairies and chocolate brownie. 2. Timotei Shampoo fresh and strong, conditioner fresh and strong and shimmer shine shampoo. VO5 shampoo and conditioner nourish me truly, VO5 shampoo and condition revive me daily. 3. The box of all the goodies that I received. 4. Original source shower gel lavender & tea tree oil, Olay eye make up removal cream, Olay gentle cleanser refreshing toner, Olay gentle cleanser conditioning milk and a Superdrug travel toothbrush.

Dry shampoo - The dry shampoo was on offer for buy one get TWO FREE! I'd heard brilliant reviews about it and on such a good deal who would say no?

Shampoo and conditioner - The Timotei shampoo and condition was also on buy one and get two free so I bought it for my mum for holiday. The VO5 shampoo and conditioners I bought for myself for holiday and they were only 99p each! BARGAIN!

Olay and show gel - I've heard good things about the Olay products and they are only £1.50 each and the shower gel was 99p (I LOVE tea tree oil!) and will be good for my holiday.

Toothbrush - The toothbrush is for my holiday and was only 10p! I don't have another travel toothbrush and therefore figured that this would be a good buy for my holiday.

Carmex - I absolutely adore lip balm and have heard great things about this product. I've tried this one and absolutely love it already, the smell is divine and it looks like there is loads in the pot (also good for my holiday as it has sun protection).

Revlon Lip Butter - If you're from the blogging world then you would have definitely heard of these lip butters. Like many bloggers, I wanted to try these for myself and this was on sale for £5.99 which to me is still quite expensive considering I don't wear lipsticks but I wanted to try it out as it is more of a lip balm. The colour I got is sugar frosting.

MUA lipstick - The shade is 'Juicy'. I never wear lipstick as I don't think it suits me. However, I wanted to try a lipstick and have heard good things about the MUA range and as it's only £1 I couldn't resist. The colour is actually a lot lighter in real life than it looks in the picture.

MUA loveheart lip balms - I've wanted these for quite a while and at £2 each I decided to get two. The colours I decided to get were 'great lips' and 'sugar lips'. Looking forward to using these!

Have you tried any of these products?

Have a great day! :)


My new 'Focco' bag!

Hello everyone!

So you might of heard of the 'Focco' bag which is a fake of Alexander Wang's Rocco. I've wanted one of these bags for a while but obviously didn't want to pay the extremely high price tag! The bag I purchased was off Ebay (here) and was only £14.99 included postage: BARGIN!

After waiting around a week (I have no patience!) my bag finally came this morning and I couldn't wait to open it. The first thing that became apparent as soon as I opened the packaging was that it was extremely well packaged and had four different layers before I actually got to the bag! The picture below is of the bag and the packaging when I was unwrapping the bag.

I obviously haven't used the bag yet so cannot review it as such but I will do a review once I have used it! All in all I am EXTREMELY happy with this purchase as it was such a good price and brilliantly packaged which shows that the company actually care for their customers!

I also purchased a little hello kitty tin to put tablets in my bag as generally I always need them! You can buy the tin here :)

Do you have a 'Focco'?

Hope you have a brilliant day!


Thursday, 28 June 2012

MUA makeup wishlist!

Top row [left to right]: Eye primer, Hide and conceal cover up stick, Lipstick shade 5, Lipstick shade 15 Juicy, Lipstick shade 14 bare.
Middle row [left to right]: Love Heart Nail Varnish (U ROK), Love Heart Nail Varnish (U & I), Nail Polish Shade 9, Nail Polish Shade 16, Nail Polish Shade 5.
Bottom row [left to right]: Love heart lip balm (sugar lips), Love heart lip balm (great lips), Love heart lip balm (sweet kiss).

The only thing I have ever bought from MUA is a nail varnish (which I love!) and I am constantly hearing about other bloggers raving about so many of their other products. Due to this I have decided when I get paid (tomorrow woo!) that I am going to order a couple of different products to try out as I needed some new product for my holiday coming up. 

The best part is: all of the above products only costs £19.50, WHAT A BARGIN!

Have you used any of the MUA products? let me know in the comments below!

Have a brilliant day!
Love Laura :)x

Montagne Jeunesse 'Mud Pac' review

Hello everyone! I am going to be reviewing a 'Mud Pac' face mask from Montagne Jeunesse. I'll start off by saying I have used many different face masks from Montagne Jeunesse and have loved every single one. However, up until now I have never tried their Mud Pac's.

[Pictures above: Left: what the packet looks like. Right: what the product looks like when taken out of the packet.]

The face mask itself is extremely simple to use.
Cleanse face with warm water only. Apply evenly over face and neck with fingertips, avoiding eyes and lips. Lie back & relax for 10-15 minutes, or until dry. Rinse off with warm water. Pat dry.
It it a blue/green in colour and smells quite pleasant and once dried will go a white colour. In the packet there is so much product so it allows you to have an extremely pleasant amount on your face (me and my mum actually shared a packet once!). The photo's below will show what it looks like on (excuse the state of my face).

After around 20 minutes, the product will be completely dry and will be able to washed off. This product is extremely easy to come off as I only used warm water to get it off. After taking the mask off my skin felt refreshed and smooth and I will definitely be using a mud pac again!

The mud pac's can be bought from most places such as boots etc or off Montage Jeunesse's actual website (I got mine in wilkinsons for 99p!).

Have a brilliant day!
Love Laura :)x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My July Wishlist!

Models own pastel nail varnish: I haven't bought a new nail varnish in ages and have had my eye on models own for a long time but haven't actually bought one. The pastel colours are my favourite at the moment and the one pictured is a lovely shade. However, I'm not too fussy about what colour as long as it is pastel as I want them all!

Barry M nude lipstick: I've wanted a nude lipstick for a while now but because I never wear lipstick I've always put it off. I've decided to get a nude lipstick as I love how it looks at as I'm quite pale it will suit my skin tone. I've decided to get Barry M lipstick as they are such a good brand and always reasonable with prices!

Carmex lip care: I always carry lip balm (generally Aloe Vera Vaseline) and I have tried so many. I've seen carmex lip balm a couple of times now on different peoples blog recommending it and I definitely want to try it myself. Plus it's cherry which is an added bonus as normally the ones I have are plain scented.

Nail art pens: I've always loved painting my nails since I was little and have always liked experimenting with new colours/designs etc. Recently I've because a lot more aware of different nail art designs and without having nail art pens they are extremely hard to do so I am definitely going to buy myself some!

Aloe Vera Vaseline moisturiser: Aloe Vera is one of my favourite things ever! Generally everything I buy in which they sell in Aloe Vera I get. I always find Aloe Vera so soothing and as soon as I saw this advertise I knew I had to buy it! I use the Aloe Vera Vaseline lip balm which I love and therefore I was expecting great things from this. As soon as I used this moisturiser (mostly on my face) I felt refreshed as it gives you and extremely soothing feeling. I've ran out of this and cannot wait to buy some more!

So this is my July wishlist so far, knowing me I'll probably add lots more things to it when July actually arrives!

Have a brilliant day!
Love Laura :)x

Monday, 25 June 2012

My Kukee Jewellery

The first time I heard about Kukee was on twitter and then I gradually saw it mentioned on many different blogs. After browsing their website I decided that I definitely needed to buy a few bits for myself!

One of my favourite things about Kukee was that it is SO CHEAP! both of these rings together only cost me £2.50 (what a bargin!)

The two items I decided to get were an over the knuckle ring (it was gold but i'll explain later on) and a gold cross ring which are both pictured below. The first thing I liked about the over the knuckle ring was the fact it was different as it didn't sit like normal rings and I had seen that many different bloggers had purchased one and I loved the look! As all of the other rings I where are gold I decided to get both of the rings in gold. The second ring I ordered was a cross ring as I just really liked it. 

(Left: over the knuckle ring. Right: cross ring.)

The picture above is how the rings look when they are being worn.

Now for the bad points...

Unfortunately, when I received the rings, the cross ring was actually completely broken and as it was the first time I have ordered from Kukee I was extremely disappointed. However, I contacted them and they replied straight away saying how sorry they were and they would send one out straight away so I received a brand new one the NEXT day! (Amazing customer service!).

As I know had both rings, I wore them both and only from about 2pm till 4pm and my fingers had turned completely green. I did expect this as it obviously isn't real gold but I didn't expect it to turn green so quick. Due to this, the inside of the cross ring is now a black colour (horrible) and the over the knuckle ring has gone silver (you can see this by the first picture at the top of the post). I won't wear things rings now as they look so cheap as the colour has come off. What a shame!

Let me know about your Kukee experience!

Have a brilliant day!
Love Laura :)x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Half and half nails!

I thought i'd do my first ever post on one of my favourites things to do: paint my nails! For this look I used:

Barry M nail varnish- blueberry
Barry M nail varnish - berry

I started off by painting one side of my nails blue using the blueberry nail polish, once this was dry, I put little bits of Sellotape on the blue sides so even if I made the purple a bit messy it would come off. Once the purple was dry I took off the Sellotape and this was the final look! I'm super happy about how it turned out (it's looks better in real life).

Have you tried this look? Let me know by commenting!

Have a great day :)
Love Laura x