Tuesday, 26 June 2012

My July Wishlist!

Models own pastel nail varnish: I haven't bought a new nail varnish in ages and have had my eye on models own for a long time but haven't actually bought one. The pastel colours are my favourite at the moment and the one pictured is a lovely shade. However, I'm not too fussy about what colour as long as it is pastel as I want them all!

Barry M nude lipstick: I've wanted a nude lipstick for a while now but because I never wear lipstick I've always put it off. I've decided to get a nude lipstick as I love how it looks at as I'm quite pale it will suit my skin tone. I've decided to get Barry M lipstick as they are such a good brand and always reasonable with prices!

Carmex lip care: I always carry lip balm (generally Aloe Vera Vaseline) and I have tried so many. I've seen carmex lip balm a couple of times now on different peoples blog recommending it and I definitely want to try it myself. Plus it's cherry which is an added bonus as normally the ones I have are plain scented.

Nail art pens: I've always loved painting my nails since I was little and have always liked experimenting with new colours/designs etc. Recently I've because a lot more aware of different nail art designs and without having nail art pens they are extremely hard to do so I am definitely going to buy myself some!

Aloe Vera Vaseline moisturiser: Aloe Vera is one of my favourite things ever! Generally everything I buy in which they sell in Aloe Vera I get. I always find Aloe Vera so soothing and as soon as I saw this advertise I knew I had to buy it! I use the Aloe Vera Vaseline lip balm which I love and therefore I was expecting great things from this. As soon as I used this moisturiser (mostly on my face) I felt refreshed as it gives you and extremely soothing feeling. I've ran out of this and cannot wait to buy some more!

So this is my July wishlist so far, knowing me I'll probably add lots more things to it when July actually arrives!

Have a brilliant day!
Love Laura :)x


  1. I love carmex! Get the one in the pot not the tube though! I'm not sure why but the one in a tube is more greasy and doesn't sink in as well!
    I have those nail art pens but in fluro pink and orange, I wouldn't recommend them, they're really temperamental and either none or loads of polish comes out!


    1. I generally go for pots anyway so I'll definitely get the pot! The nail pens are ashame but I just want ANY nail pens, could you recommend any others?xxx