Sunday, 24 June 2012

Half and half nails!

I thought i'd do my first ever post on one of my favourites things to do: paint my nails! For this look I used:

Barry M nail varnish- blueberry
Barry M nail varnish - berry

I started off by painting one side of my nails blue using the blueberry nail polish, once this was dry, I put little bits of Sellotape on the blue sides so even if I made the purple a bit messy it would come off. Once the purple was dry I took off the Sellotape and this was the final look! I'm super happy about how it turned out (it's looks better in real life).

Have you tried this look? Let me know by commenting!

Have a great day :)
Love Laura x


  1. this is really cute and it would work with so many colour combinations! I can't wait to try it :D


    1. I know it's really versatile and so easy to do! xx