Monday, 25 June 2012

My Kukee Jewellery

The first time I heard about Kukee was on twitter and then I gradually saw it mentioned on many different blogs. After browsing their website I decided that I definitely needed to buy a few bits for myself!

One of my favourite things about Kukee was that it is SO CHEAP! both of these rings together only cost me £2.50 (what a bargin!)

The two items I decided to get were an over the knuckle ring (it was gold but i'll explain later on) and a gold cross ring which are both pictured below. The first thing I liked about the over the knuckle ring was the fact it was different as it didn't sit like normal rings and I had seen that many different bloggers had purchased one and I loved the look! As all of the other rings I where are gold I decided to get both of the rings in gold. The second ring I ordered was a cross ring as I just really liked it. 

(Left: over the knuckle ring. Right: cross ring.)

The picture above is how the rings look when they are being worn.

Now for the bad points...

Unfortunately, when I received the rings, the cross ring was actually completely broken and as it was the first time I have ordered from Kukee I was extremely disappointed. However, I contacted them and they replied straight away saying how sorry they were and they would send one out straight away so I received a brand new one the NEXT day! (Amazing customer service!).

As I know had both rings, I wore them both and only from about 2pm till 4pm and my fingers had turned completely green. I did expect this as it obviously isn't real gold but I didn't expect it to turn green so quick. Due to this, the inside of the cross ring is now a black colour (horrible) and the over the knuckle ring has gone silver (you can see this by the first picture at the top of the post). I won't wear things rings now as they look so cheap as the colour has come off. What a shame!

Let me know about your Kukee experience!

Have a brilliant day!
Love Laura :)x


  1. I bought some above knuckle rings from dixi, what I always do when I get cheap rings is put a thin coat of clear nail polish over it and it stops them going that weird green colour!xxx

    1. I've never thought of that! What a good idea, I shall definitely use that in the future, thanks! :)xx