Sunday, 24 March 2013

Two attempts at nail art

I don't know about you guys but recently I've become extremely interested in nail art and now rarely find myself with my nails painted with just one colour. I thought I would do this post to show to two designs that I have tried recently and loved!

This is the first design I did. To get the three different colours I painted my nails white and then painted  a yellow, pink and blue line onto a sponge and then printed it onto my white nails. I love the fact this doesn't have to look neat but still looks rather effective anyway. To create the leopard print on my ring finger I used a dotting tool and a cocktail stick and followed a tutorial similar to the one here. Once dry I then sealed with a clear top coat.

The second design is probably my favourite one out of the two as it was the easiest but looks like I spent a lot of time and effort doing it (which I didn't to be honest). The tutorial I used to create this design was this one but I chose not to add more dots. 

Overall I loved both of these designs and will definitely be trying them again. I also got a lot of compliments whilst wearing these including a sales assistant and a woman who works at my university who both asked me if I did them myself/how.

What do you think of these designs?
Thanks for reading!



  1. They look good love the second look.