Thursday, 11 October 2012

Review: Superdrug dry shampoo for brunettes

Hello everyone!

So AGES ago I did a superdrug haul and within it I bought this dry shampoo to try as it was on offer. This shampoo is for brunette hair so when sprayed it comes out brown instead of the general grey colour of normal dry shampoos (you can see this in the photos below).

I thought this would be a really good dry shampoo as I am brunette and thought it would suit my hair really well but I was definitely wrong.

Personally I think a review isn't worth doing unless you are 100% honest and therefore If I think a product isn't worth buying then I will say so and unfortunately this is one of them products!

Although this dry shampoo is specifically catered for people with brown hair when sprayed onto the hair it looks more black and therefore still needs to be rubbed in to the hair so it doesn't really matter that it's for brunette hair as it does the same thing that normal dry shampoo does. This dry shampoo doesn't actually give your hair a refreshed look which means it isn't actually worth using which is definitely disappointing! However, the worst thing about this product is definitely the smell! All dry shampoos aren't the most pleasant  smelling but the smell of this is so horrendous that after spraying it I have to leave the room and then come back in because otherwise I cannot breathe.

Overall I am extremely disappointed with this product and will never purchase it again.

Have you tried this?


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